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Diana Reyes In-store at Vero's Music
Haines City, Florida (population 14,000)
March 8th, 2007 (6:30pm-10:00pm)

Fans present: 2000+

Units sold: 1254
950-Te Voy A Mostrar
210-Las #1 de la reina...
63-La Reina del...
37-Diana Reyes
10-Navida Duranguense)

Autographs signed: 1000+

The in-store was to begin at 6:00pm. As we approached the warehouse, we realized that this was not going to be your typical, run-of-the-mill artist appearance. Let me give you some background on Vero’s Music. Vero’s Music is a 2 year old one stop situated in a small rural town in Central Florida, 45 minutes south of Orlando. In fiscal 2006, Vero’s Music business was up around 80% on the net. Already this year, business continues to grow in the double digit range. This onestop is run by husband and wife dynamic duo Huriel & Veronica Ruiz and their small dog Charlie, with a small staff of five running this up and coming empire. Explosive growth is on the horizon for this account in an era of doom and gloom.

I was driving several hundred yards in front of Diana Reyes' limo as we approached the warehouse. I had never seen so many people waiting for an artist before. I immediately phoned Miosoty Vento (UML), who was also riding in the limo, and told her to wait until we had clearance and an opening in the sea of people. Once I gave her the go ahead, the fans went crazy at the site of the limo. We managed to get to the back of the warehouse, where the 5 security guards formed a human chain to hold back the fans and allow Ms. Reyes access into the warehouse. Once inside, Diana Reyes was greeted by the press. (Azteca America, Telemundo, Univision, La Onda-Radio 1480AM, La Super W 1280 AM, La Poderosa 1360 AM, El Optimista Latino (newspaper), Variedades (newspaper)..) were all present.

For the next four hours, Diana Reyes met everyone, signed autographs, kissed babies and a couple of frogs along the way. Always with a smile and never once complaining….that’s when I fell in love! A true professional who is very appreciative and grateful for her fan base.

Veronica, Huriel and staff were stunned at the turnout. There is an untapped, uncounted, invisible demographic in Central Florida that barely comes out to high profile events due to fear of deportation. Their purchases are not scanned because they don’t shop at national chains. Veronica fielded many calls from concerned customers who asked if it was safe to attend. And safe they felt!

Vero’s Music ran TV commercials , radio spots, print ads and printed business card size postcards announcing the instore. (TV Azteca, El Optimista Latino-newspaper)

Many thanks to Miosoty Vento & Eddy Laca for believing and taking a chance on this unconventional instore.

Thanks also to Surgeet Baidwan and Tulashi Sawyerr for all you assistance!